Silent comic in a handmade concertina book format. 
The inside pages were printed with risograph with the printer EditNet, in Yoga (Tokyo) in 2019. Covers have been made in 2021 out of birch wood and engraved with laser at FabCafe, Barcelona.
Inspired by my neighborhood's charming irregular buildings which remained me of the wabi-sabi philosophy, I decided to make a series of sequential images on this topic. 

Wabi-sabi in its origins referred to the solitude felt when living in nature and it was also linked to the tea ceremony. It is about looking closer, appreciating imperfection and the pass of time, that’s why the sequence of images are a continuous zoom in (except for the two last ones). 

The story starts in the first print with a girl in a balcony looking at a tea cup, on the second print it gets closer to the crack in the cup, and suddenly the tea cup looks like a mountain. In the third print, you see that inside the mountain there is little house, and in it there is a monk. In the last print the monk and the girl meet while drinking tea at the same time.

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